Design, manufacture, delivery and on-site installation.
Frame UK offers a complete timber frame service to individuals and the trade.

Our Products...

Designed and manufactured here in our factory, our timber frame products are made to the highest standard.

Open Panel Solutions

Made from 90 mm, 140 mm or 235 mm CLS these are structural engineered panels that form the inside load-bearing leaf of the external wall.

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Closed Panel Solutions

Our panel systems offer a range of configurations to suit various “u” values, SAP and air tightness requirements.

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Infill Panels

Infill panels from Frame UK offer a number of advantages for Commercial and Timber Frame Homes.

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Floor Joists

Frame UK can supply a variety of products for floor joist applications. These include, metal web joists, timber I Joists and traditional solid timber joists.

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Floor / Roof Cassettes

This system has already been adopted by many of the UK’s leading house builders.

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Roof Trusses

Our range includes raised tie and attic trusses along with standard Fink trusses, both mono and duo.

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Feature Trusses

All roofs contain an array of timber trusses to create shape and support the completed structure.

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Glulam Structures

Glulam provides a highly versatile combination of strength and durability. It is easy to fix and economical to install.

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Timber Frame Houses and Timber Buildings in the UK

Timber Frame Houses and Timber Buildings brought to you by Frame UK.

Frame UK  have specialised in Timber Frame Houses for over 40 years and have grown to become one of the leading companies in the industry for Timber Frame Houses. At Frame UK our Timber frame houses provide the perfect housing solution for the 21st century.

Frame UK have developed the design, manufacture and on site assembly processes to provide a wide range of high-performance products for timber frame houses and timber buildings. Looking for more information on Timber Frame Houses? Then get in touch with our helpful team.

Frame UK can turn your timber frame dreams into a reality.