Leisure & Commercial

Leisure & Commercial developers often come to Frame UK for our expertise in Timber Frame Builds.

Leisure & Commercial Developers

Originally called Frame Homes, we changed our name to Frame UK as we began to work increasingly in the leisure and commercial sectors.

Spaces to work and play in are as important to our everyday lives as our homes are; and we work with developers to ensure that our leisure and commercial builds are as welcoming as our houses.

From holiday lodges to office accommodation, we have undertaken a huge range of commercial projects, and are always pleased to help other businesses develop the right building for them.

A recent commercial project was to design and build a development of serviced offices in Redruth – visit www.GatewaBybusinessCentre.co.uk to see the result.

To find out more about how we can help your business create its perfect space, please get in touch.

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