Why build with Timber Frame

Why Build with Timber Frame?

There are many reasons why timber frame is a superior building method for your self build homes. We have been creating quality timber frame houses and building for a variety of clients for over 40 years. Self builders represent a large percentage of our clientele and we understand how important it is to meet your needs and expectations. With Timber Frame your self build dreams can become a reality offering many benefits over other build methods

With Timber Frame you can expect the following benefits:
Building Performance
  • Timber Frame homes are highly insulated as a standard and very economical, reducing your energy bills by heating up quickly & retaining the heat for longer. These levels of energy efficiency can far surpass current building regulations
  • Excellent acoustic performance minimising the noise transference between & within dwellings.
  • Timber frame is largely manufactured in factory conditions giving tight control over quality & dimensional accuracy
  • Off-site construction methods minimise health & safety risks by removing work required on site into a controlled factory environment


  • Timber frame construction is considerably faster than traditional on-site methods & less reliant on weather conditions. This gives you more a predicable programme and reduces labour costs as a result
  • Timber Frame can offer extremely energy efficient homes giving you a low cost route to heat your home for life.
  • Better Health & Safety on and off site
  • Timber frame is tried, tested & widely used; as a result this method of construction is recognised for lending purposes by most banks, building societies and insurance companies.


  • Materials that are easy to work with in the factory and off site, adaptable to suite almost all situations & suite bespoke designs
  • Timber Frame works well with other trades making an easier task for routing electrical and mechanical items after timber frame completion.
  • A wide range of specifications to suite almost all build requirements.