Closed Panel Solutions

Closed Panel Solutions

Our panel systems offer a range of configurations to suit various “u” values, SAP and air tightness requirements.

Air tightness is an important requirement of modern building regulations and our closed panel system, where insulation and vapour control barriers are pre-fitted in the factory, can achieve excellent air-tightness levels. While renewable energies (such as heat pumps, solar, and photovoltaic) can be used to work in conjunction with our super-insulated frames, Frame UK’s range of timber frames and PSI values can help to reduce the amount of renewable energy required on each timber frame construction.



After consulting with our partnering clients, we developed a closed panel method of construction. Made from either 90mm, 140mm or 235mm CLS (Canadian lumber standard timber), these are structural engineered panels that form the inside load-bearing leaf of the external wall. During the manufacturing process the timber frame closed panel system is made from treated softwood timber framing, over which a structural sheet material of either 9 mm WBP Ply or OSB board (known as sheathing) is fixed. A vapour-permeable but waterproof membrane is fixed to the outside.

The appropriate insulation materials, together with a separate vapour barrier, are fitted during the manufacturing process, in a clean and dry environment. The specification of the insulation & VCL can be tailored to suit your specific thermal performance requirements. A 38mm deep service batten is applied to the internal sheathing, providing a service void for the mechanical and electrical services.

The advantage is an airtight structure with on-site work reduced to a minimum. For more information regarding our closed panel solutions, please contact a member of the team today.