Floor Joists

Floor Joists from Frame UK

Frame UK can supply a variety of products for floor joist applications.

These include, metal web joists, timber I Joists and traditional solid timber joists.

These products can be supplied as individual joists, or as manufactured cassettes. For more information on these please click here.

These products can also be used for flat and pitched roof designs.


Metal Web floor joists

Metal Web floor joists are the preferred product for a number of reasons. Metal web joists are lightweight, exceptionally strong and can span large distances. They are also available in a variety of depths, which can change depending on the span.

The metal web system can be used across all sectors and can be arranged to accommodate a variety of designs.

The significant benefit for the client is the ease and simplicity of service installation. All services can be routed through the webs and on standard 254mm joist, pipework up to 159mm can be used.

I Beams

Timber I beams can be used if a project requires them. These are available at a number of depths and can span large distances.

The joists include small knock out holes for service runs and larger pipework can also be accommodated within the design.


Solid Joists

Solid timber joists can be used if a client wishes to use the more traditional joist method. We can supply a number of timber depths to suit a range of designs.

We regularly utilise solid timbers on balcony’s and other infill areas.

Floor Joists