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Roof Cassette

Floor Cassettes

This system has already been adopted by many of the UK’s leading house builders. It increases productivity and improves operating safety during the construction process. Floor cassettes offer an ideal solution for both residential and non-residential floors and joists.

A significant advantage is the instant stability of the working platform, and the consequent major reduction in the overall project time. From a health and safety point of view this construction method is ideal, because contractors are working in a controlled environment, and do not have to operate over voids.

Lifting the products involved is straightforward, as is getting the floor cassettes to the site – arranging the transportation of completed floor cassettes is far simpler than dealing with multiple product deliveries.


Roof Cassettes

Engineered timber frame roof cassettes are manufactured using posi-joists to meet customer requirements, and are particularly suitable for weather-dependant sites. They can reduce site construction times and improve levels of site safety. The decking material is subject to the requirements of the final floor – OSB boarding, plywood or chipboard can all be specified. Chain of Custody certification can be provided on request.

Roof cassettes are also suitable for roof-mounted equipment such as ventilation systems, and room-in-roof future-habitable conversions. As with all our timber products, the heat-saving, environmentally -friendly qualities help to comply with some of the Code for Sustainable Homes requirements.