Frame Fusion

Frame Fusion

When you are required to maximise internal room dimensions but minimise thermal losses, Frame Fusion could be the panel you require. Taking a factory assembled open stud panel (Frame Classic) and introducing a rigid style insulation which is factory-fitted within the stud zone, Frame Fusion affords you the ability to site install plumbing, wiring and vapour control layers whilst still achieving high thermal efficiency. Frame Fusion is available in a U-Value range of 0.18w2/mk to 0.1w/m2k.



The advantages of Timber Frame include:
  • Engineered to the highest level of accuracy and quality
  • Provides a greater flexibility
  • Significantly simplifies on-site construction
  • Promotes greater efficiency and supply chain integration
  • Brings predictability and greater control to the construction process
  • Meets and often exceeds all current building regulations
  • Reduction in overall build programme
  • Reduction in site storage requirements
  • Performs well in terms of fire and flood resistance
  • Improves construction health and safety
  • Has fewer defects and high customer satisfaction
  • Is by far the most environmentally friendly way to build


We offer a broad range of timber frame solutions to suit a variety of build specifications. To discover what benefits these solutions can provide please explore our other timber frame panels below