Frame Homes Invests in New Drone/Quadcopter

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Frame homes has recently invested in a Drone/Quadcopter which offers a multitude of uses for Frame Homes.

The drone is a professional camera drone allowing not only photographs and video in High definition at 14MP. It is also pre programmable to allow for Slow motion video, pre-programmed flight to 5 miles both horizontal and vertical with waypoints for specific footage, angles and still photography at specified heights along the planned routes

In addition to this it is able to stream live footage back to Frame Homes head office for immediate review by required personnel.

The uses we have found for this to date include site surveys to determine access,cable interference etc, photographs and videos of sites under construction, for record purposes as well as photographs of sites that are complete for marketing and most clients are very pleased that they are able to have photographs of there build from various heights, angles and aspects.

With a little more experience in the future Frame homes will be able to take Take 2D (distance, length, and area) and 3D (volume) measurements, automatically track and monitor map features such as vehicle counts,Create high resolution 2D orthophotos and site maps, at multiple zoom levels

The images below are just some of the photo’s we have taken from Drone of the Barncoose Gateway commercial development

[flatfolio layout=4484]

Clearly the uses are endless we will follow up with more photographs and video of sites over the coming months.