Our Products

Open Panel

Made from 90 mm, 140 mm or 235 mm CLS (Canadian lumber standard timber), these are structural engineered panels that form the inside load-bearing leaf of the external wall.

Closed Panel

Air tightness is an important requirement of modern building regulations and our closed panel system, where insulation and vapour control barriers are pre-fitted in the factory, can achieve excellent air-tightness levels.


These include, metal web joists, timber I Joists and traditional solid timber joists. These products can be supplied as individual joists, or as manufactured cassettes.


Our range includes raised tie and attic trusses along with standard Fink trusses, both mono and duo (for smaller and larger spans respectively).


With over 15 years’ experience in modular component manufacture, We have always looked to add value to our panel systems. This includes factory fitted windows, external cladding and internal lining boards.


With our High-speed milling machines, we have the tools at hand for full Glulam structural works, along with the option to have these constructed into well finished fabricated feature items.

We purchased 3 timber frames from Frame UK for our development project in Cornwall on a supply only basis.  We found the team very helpful, professional and efficient. The product was very well manufactured and the pricing competitive.  We were kept informed about delivery and they worked with us to help resolve any issues we encountered when putting the frames up, even though the order was supply only.  Would thoroughly recommend! Nicola Ince