Why Timber Frame?

There are many reasons why timber frames are counted as a superior building method for Timber Houses

Here at Frame UK, we’ve been creating quality timber houses and timber buildings for forty years, and are constantly impressed by timber’s versatility and efficiency. Our potential clients may wonder why timber frames are suitable for them?

Helping timber house constructions for many years, discover more about using timber frames for several construction purposes …

Flexible design

Timber Frames are very versatile when it comes to design. It can be designed to meet clients’ and architects’ requirements. We have successfully designed many timber houses and commercial properties over the years and ensure there are very little limitations in the design process and can work up the best design to your requirements.

Speed of construction

The speed that timber frames allow for is incomparable to many other materials used in the construction of timber houses and properties. Being considerably faster to traditional on-site methods, the build time for such properties is considerably reduced.

Advantages can include:

  • The building can be weatherproof in days after timber frame completion
  • It reduces wet trades
  • Easy routing of mechanical and electrical items after timber frame completion
  • Easy incorporation into the programme


Using Timber Frames is typically cheaper than the traditional methods. Whether you’re looking to build a timber house or property, here at Frame UK we ensure to save you money on the products we supply.

  • Saving in construction costs
  • Saving in operation costs
  • All costs are fixed which allows for certainty of budget

Building performance

A huge advantage of Timber frame is that they are highly insulated, resulting in low heating costs. Whether you’re creating timber houses or a bigger scale property for commercial purposes, timber frames can help you save money in the long run. It is also proven to give you excellent acoustic performance.


Our timber frame products are manufactured in quality-controlled factory conditions in Cornwall. It is manufactured and erected to fine tolerances.


All supply-and-erect contracts will have a dedicated contracts manager to oversee the timber frame element of the project. Being in this industry for many years, we have executed management and overseen completion of projects to the highest levels.


Timber frame is not affected by the increase in lead time as traditional materials (such as bricks and blocks) can be.


All Frame UK’s timber is from sustainable, renewable sources. Contact our team today to find out more about the products we can supply you with for many timber houses and commercial properties throughout the UK.

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