Timber Frame Cornwall

Timber Frame Cornwall from Frame Homes

Timber frame Cornwall based company Frame UK are put amongst the leading suppliers for all timber constructions and timber frame manufacturers throughout South West, expanding across the entire UK.

Being in the sector for many years, we put pride in the level of services we like to deliver across the country and have supplied a wide variety of sectors and businesses in Cornwall with our timber frame houses.

Self Build Homes

Sectors include:
  • Property Developers & Development – Here at Frame UK, we supply timber frames and oversee property development – Creating custom solutions that are ideal for your needs.
  • Local Authorities & Educational Builds – Being the first choice for timber frames Cornwall, we’ve completed many Universities, Local Education Authorities, Schools, Pre-Schools and properties for councils in the area.
  • Commercial Buildings – Buildings include: Office Developments, Industrial and Business Parks, Commercial Enterprises, Retail Companies & Financial Institutions
  • Self Builds – We assist self –builders who are in the process of building their own self build homes. Being able to produce any house design from timber frames allows you to achieve what you first sought.
  • Leisure Markets – Completing many Leisure centres throughout the UK, we’ve also completed many Sports Centres, Visitor Centres, Cinemas and Theatres, Museums and Galleries, Clubhouses, Pavilions & Hotels.


Commercial DevelopmentsWhether you’re looking for timber frames Cornwall or are based outside of the region, Frame UK will create bespoke solutions and packages that are not only meet clients requirements, but their ideal budget too. Over the years, we have built an impeccable reputation for our use of Modern Methods of Construction of environmentally friendly and thermally efficient quality timber frame buildings and ensure quality is of utmost importance when undertaking every project.

Self Build HomesBeing based in Cornwall, our factory is home to roof trussing and a web joisting plant. Completing many projects from local to national clients, Frame UK really are your timber frame Cornwall manufacturers of choice. Please contact us today to discuss your project with a member of the team, or alternatively please visit our case studies page for more insight into previous work completed.